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2014-15 Master Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
Fri1511:00AMWomen's Volleyball vs. Viterbo University
 Played at Biola University
Mon185:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Soka University of America
Wed277:00PMMen's Soccer @ La Sierra University
Fri2910:00AMWomen's Volleyball @ La Sierra University
 Concordia Labor Day Tournament
Fri292:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ University of Great Falls
 Concordia Labor Day Tournament
Fri294:30PMWomen's Soccer @ Southern Oregon University
 Played at US Cellular Fields
Sat3012:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Carroll College
 Concordia Labor Day Tournament
Sat303:00PMMen's Soccer @ California Institute of Technology
Sat306:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Concordia University
 Concordia Labor Day Tournament
Sun317:00AMMen's GolfFirestorm Fall Invitational (Stonecreek Golf Club)
Sun317:00AMWomen's GolfFirestorm Fall Invitational (Stonecreek Golf Club)
Sun3111:00AMWomen's Soccer @ Corban University
 Played at US Cellular Fields
Mon112:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Simpson University
Tue27:00PMMen's Soccer @ University of La Verne
Fri55:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Simpson University
 Vanguard Tournament
Sat68:30AMWomen's Cross Countryadidas/UC Irvine Invitational
Sat69:15AMMen's Cross Countryadidas/UC Irvine Invitational
Sat62:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Mills College
Sat65:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Mayville State University
 Vanguard Tournament
Tue94:00PMMen's Soccer @ Bethesda
 Played at Centennial Regional Park (Dan Young Sports Complex Field #2)
Tue96:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Pacific Union College
Wed107:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. La Sierra University
Wed107:30PMWomen's Soccer @ Bethesda
 Played at Santa Ana Bowl
Fri123:00PMMen's Soccer @ Pacific Union College
 PUC had to forfeit game due to not having enough players eligible
Sat1311:00AMMen's Soccer @ Menlo College
Sat137:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Biola University
Mon153:00PMMen's Soccer @ University of California-Merced
Tue167:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Concordia University
Thu1812:30PMWomen's Soccer @ Cal State San Bernardino
Sat208:00AMWomen's Cross CountryThe Mustang Challenge: Collegiate Open hosted by The Master's
Sat208:45AMMen's Cross CountryThe Mustang Challenge: Collegiate Open hosted by The Master's
Sat207:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Vanguard University
Mon22 Men's GolfCA State Intercollegiate (Diamond Valley Golf Club)
Tue234:00PMMen's Soccer @ Vanguard University
Tue236:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Arizona Christian University
Wed244:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Vanguard University
Sat2712:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Biola University
Sat272:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Biola University
Sat277:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. San Diego Christian College
Wed112:00PMWomen's Soccer @ San Diego Christian College
 Played at Cuyamaca College
Wed12:30PMMen's Soccer @ San Diego Christian College
 Played at Cuyamaca College
Thu27:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. William Jessup University
Sat412:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Westmont College
Sat42:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Westmont College
Sat47:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Westmont College
Mon68:30AMMen's GolfInterwest Insurance Wildcat Classic (Butte Creek Country Club)
Tue73:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Arizona Christian University
 Played at Rose Mofford Sports Complex Field #2
Tue75:30PMMen's Soccer @ Arizona Christian University
 Played at Rose Mofford Sports Complex Field #2
Wed87:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. California State University-San Marcos
Sat119:00AMMen's Cross CountryVanguard Invitational (Fairview Park- Costa Mesa)
Sat119:00AMWomen's Cross CountryVanguard Invitational (Fairview Park- Costa Mesa)
Sat1112:00PMWomen's Soccer @ The Master's College
Sat112:30PMMen's Soccer @ The Master's College
Sat117:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Biola University
Tue147:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. The Master's College
Wed154:30PMWomen's Soccer @ University of Antelope Valley
 Played at Antelope Valley High School
Wed157:00PMMen's Soccer @ University of Antelope Valley
 Played at Antelope Valley High School
Sat1812:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. William Jessup University
Sat182:30PMMen's Soccer vs. William Jessup University
Tue213:00PMMen's Soccer @ Concordia University
Tue217:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Vanguard University
Wed223:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Concordia University
Sat259:00AMMen's Cross CountryBiola NAIA West Coast Jamboree (Orange, CA)
Sat259:45AMWomen's Cross CountryBiola NAIA West Coast Jamboree (Orange, CA)
Sat2512:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Arizona Christian University
 Senior Day
Sat252:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Arizona Christian University
 Senior Day
Sat257:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Concordia University
Tue2812:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Vanguard University
Tue287:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. La Sierra University
Wed2912:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Vanguard University
Wed297:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. La Sierra University
Fri317:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ San Diego Christian College
 Played at Grossmont College
Sat12:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of California-Merced
Sat15:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Arizona Christian University
Sat16:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Menlo College
Sun212:00PMWomen's Basketball @ California State University-Maritime
Mon37:00AMMen's GolfCSU San Marcos Fall Classic (Twin Oaks Golf Course)
Mon37:00AMWomen's GolfCSU San Marcos Fall Classic (Twin Oaks Golf Course)
Tue47:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ William Jessup University
Fri75:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Northwest University
Fri77:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ California State University-San Marcos
Sat8 Men's Cross CountryGSAC Championships hosted by The Master's (Santa Clarita, CA)
Sat8 Women's Cross CountryGSAC Championships hosted by The Master's (Santa Clarita, CA)
Sat82:00PMMen's Soccer vs. The Master's College
 GSAC Tournament Semifinals
Sat84:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Simpson University
Tue117:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Bethesda
Tue117:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ The Master's College
Thu137:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. California State University-San Marcos
Fri145:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Southern Oregon University
 Mid-November Classic
Sat153:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Hannibal-LaGrange University
 Mid-November Classic
Sat156:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Cal State LA
Sat157:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Westmont College
 Senior Night
Thu207:30PMMen's Basketball @ La Sierra UniversityLive Video
Fri215:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Westminster College of Salt Lake CityLive VideoLive Stats
Mon245:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Bellevue UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
 Hope Classic
Tue257:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Humboldt StateLive VideoLive Stats
Tue257:30PMMen's Basketball vs. MidAmerica Nazarene UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
 Hope Classic
Tue25:30PMWomen's Basketball @ William Jessup UniversityLive Video
Tue27:30PMMen's Basketball @ William Jessup UniversityLive Video
Wed37:30PMMen's Basketball @ Menlo CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
Sat135:30PMWomen's Basketball @ San Diego Christian CollegeLive Video
Sat137:30PMMen's Basketball @ San Diego Christian CollegeLive Video
Wed177:30PMMen's Basketball vs. La Sierra UniversityLive Video
Thu187:30PMMen's Basketball vs. BethesdaLive Video
 Mid-December Classic
Thu188:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Westminster College of Salt Lake City
 Carroll Tournament
Fri198:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of Montana-Western
 Carroll Tournament
Sat203:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Carroll College
 Carroll Tournament
Sat207:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Menlo CollegeLive Video
 Mid-December Classic
Tue3012:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Southwestern Christian UniversityLive Video
 The Master's College Tournament
Wed3112:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. South Dakota School of Mines & Tech.Live Video
 The Master's College Tournament
Sat37:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Pacific Union CollegeLive Video
Mon55:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. BethesdaLive Video
Mon57:30PMMen's Basketball vs. BethesdaLive Video
Sat105:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Biola UniversityLive Video
Sat107:30PMMen's Basketball @ Biola UniversityLive Video
Tue135:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Vanguard UniversityLive Video
Tue137:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Vanguard UniversityLive Video
Thu152:00PMMen's Volleyball vs. Coker College
 Will be played at Grand Canyon
Thu155:00PMMen's Volleyball @ Grand Canyon
Fri167:00PMMen's Volleyball vs. Springfield College
Sat175:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Concordia UniversityLive Video
Sat177:00PMMen's Volleyball vs. Springfield College
Sat177:30PMMen's Basketball @ Concordia UniversityLive Video
Tue205:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. The Master's CollegeLive Video
Tue207:30PMMen's Basketball vs. The Master's CollegeLive Video
Sat24 Men's Volleyball @ University of California-Merced
Sat24 Men's Volleyball @ University of California-Merced
Sat245:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Westmont CollegeLive Video
Sat247:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Westmont CollegeLive Video
Sun257:00PMMen's Volleyball @ University of California-Santa Cruz
Mon262:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Long Beach City College
Tue272:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Cerritos College
Tue275:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Arizona Christian UniversityLive Video
Tue277:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Arizona Christian UniversityLive Video
Fri30 Men's Volleyball @ TBA
 Grand View Tournament
Sat31 Men's Volleyball @ TBA
 Grand View Tournament
Sat3110:00AMMen's Tennis @ California Lutheran
Sat3112:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. William Jessup UniversityLive Video
Sat317:30PMMen's Basketball vs. William Jessup UniversityLive Video
Mon27:00AMMen's GolfDay 1 - CSU San Marcos Cougar Invitational (Shadow Ridge Country Club)
Tue37:00AMMen's GolfDay 2 - CSU San Marcos Cougar Invitational (Shadow Ridge Country Club)
Tue32:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Vanguard University
Tue32:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Vanguard University
Tue35:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. San Diego Christian CollegeLive Video
Tue37:30PMMen's Basketball vs. San Diego Christian CollegeLive Video
Sat712:00PMMen's Tennis @ Westmont College
Sat712:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Westmont College
Sat72:00PMMen's Volleyball vs. University of California-Merced
Sat75:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Arizona Christian UniversityLive Video
Sat77:00PMMen's Volleyball vs. University of California-Merced
Sat77:30PMMen's Basketball @ Arizona Christian UniversityLive Video
Tue102:00PMMen's Tennis @ Biola University
Tue102:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Biola University
Wed1111:30AMMen's Golf @ Chapman University
 Tustin Ranch Golf Club
Fri132:00PMWomen's Tennis @ California Institute of Technology
Sat1412:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Concordia University
Sat1412:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Concordia University
Sat145:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Biola UniversityLive Video
Sat147:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Biola UniversityLive Video
Tue172:00PMMen's Tennis vs. San Diego Christian College
Tue172:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. San Diego Christian College
Tue175:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Vanguard UniversityLive Video
Tue177:30PMMen's Basketball @ Vanguard UniversityLive Video
Thu192:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Riverside Community College
Fri2012:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Arizona Christian University
Fri2012:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Arizona Christian University
Sat21 Men's Volleyball @ Stanford University
Sat215:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Concordia UniversityLive Video
Sat217:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Concordia UniversityLive Video
Tue245:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Westmont CollegeLive Video
Tue247:30PMMen's Basketball @ Westmont CollegeLive Video
Fri273:00PMMen's Tennis @ California Institute of Technology
Sat285:30PMWomen's Basketball @ The Master's CollegeLive Video
Sat287:30PMMen's Basketball @ The Master's CollegeLive Video
Mon2 Men's GolfThe Master's Spring Invitational (Robinson Ranch Golf Club)
Tue3 Men's GolfThe Master's Spring Invitational (Robinson Ranch Golf Club)
Tue32:00PMMen's Tennis @ Cerritos College
Fri132:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Principia College
Fri1310:00PMMen's Volleyball @ University of Hawaii
Sat1410:00PMMen's Volleyball @ University of Hawaii
Tue172:00PMMen's Tennis @ Vanguard University
Tue172:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Vanguard University
Thu192:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Amherst College
Sat2112:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Westmont College
Sat2112:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Westmont College
Mon237:00AMMen's GolfBattle at Primm (Primm Valley Golf Club)
Tue247:00AMMen's GolfBattle at Primm (Primm Valley Golf Club)
Tue242:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Biola University
Tue242:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Biola University
Thu2612:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Pacific University
Sat2812:00PMMen's Tennis @ Concordia University
Sat2812:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Concordia University
Tue312:00PMMen's Tennis @ San Diego Christian College
Tue312:00PMWomen's Tennis @ San Diego Christian College
Tue711:00AMMen's Golf vs. Chapman University
 Old Ranch Country Club
Tue72:00PMMen's Tennis @ Arizona Christian University
Tue72:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Arizona Christian University
Mon137:30AMMen's GolfCALPAC Golf Championship (Gold Hills Golf Club)
Mon137:30AMWomen's GolfCALPAC Golf Championship (Gold Hills Golf Club)
Tue147:30AMMen's GolfCALPAC Golf Championship (Gold Hills Golf Club)
Tue147:30AMWomen's GolfCALPAC Golf Championship (Gold Hills Golf Club)
Wed15 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 GSAC Tournament
Wed15 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 GSAC Tournament