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We at Hope International are proud of the efforts and accomplishments of our athletes and coaches. Our women's basketball team served the community in Compton as part of the Royals' latest service project.

COMPTON, CA- While the Royals have yet to suit up on the hardwood for gameday in 2015, they are not shying away from hard work. The Hope International women's basketball team is passing the time and preparing for the season by reaching out to others.

Coach Bill Crammer and the 2015 Royals squad were a part of The Compton Initiative service project on Oct. 17, 2015. Coach Crammer and his team reported to the Compton Courthouse at 7:00 am for their assignment and were asked to help take care of yard work and painting the exterior of a house.

The Compton Initiative is "a volunteer based non-profit organization founded in 1995 that seeks to beautify the City of Compton through quarterly initiatives that involve painting homes, schools, churches, parks, murals and other transformation projects." For more information about their organization and ministry, check out their website.

Thank you, Coach Crammer and the 2015 women's basketball squad, for demonstrating Christian service to the community and helping to carry out HIU's core values in the community.

Sport Scholar-Athletes Character Award Winners
Baseball   Sean David Clark
Men's Basketball Dan Soto**^
Ryan Ebel**^^
Jordan Gipson*
Michael Graves*^
Steve Siefken^
Ron Wagner^
Curtis Batchelder^
Men's Cross Country/Track    
Men's Soccer Emmanuel Quintero**
Matt Howard**^^!!
Edward Vera**^^
Billy Monnier*^
Perris Rowan*^
Seymour O'Geare^^
Roger Pena^
Donald Laing*
Phillip Levy*^

Chris Tyler
Eddie Arellano

Men's Tennis Michael Maiolo*
Enzo Correa*
Men's Volleyball Tim Shenkin
Dominique Blonski!
Shane Beatty
Nolan Tcheng
Women's Basketball Emily Terwilliger*
Briana Stewart**
Kasey Philyaw**^
Kasey Martin*
Shelby Maguire*
Jasmine Nault*
Jessika Doolittle**^
Rebekah Dilworth^
Erin O'Hare*^
Joan Vande Voort^
Donna Allen^
Beth Ansay^
Kris Dodson^
Brittany Bauman
Women's Cross Country/Track Ronda Ackley**!  
Women's Golf    
Women's Soccer Kristin Damon**
Tara McNaught**
Grace Kellogg*
Lindsay Thompson**^
Kristin Damon
Softball Jocelyn Young*
Rachel Costa^
Michelle Cuthill^
Charity McMillan-Buckley**^
Cathy Crow*^
Kristin Phillips*^^
Tammy Morley^
Women's Tennis Sabrina Miller**
Brittany Munoz*^
Women's Volleyball Brittnie Blanchard*
Samantha Fonseca*
Katie Landazuri*
Johannah Wade*
Amanda Aguilar*
Patricia Flanagan*^
Kassen Boesel**^^
Sine Schirmer**^^
Amanda Elliott*^
Ashley Travis*^
Patricia Cetorelli*^
Jamie Hays^
Patience White^
Amberlyn Davie^^
Kris Dodson^
Johannah Wade

* - Indicates NAIA Scholar-Athlete   ^ - NCCAA Scholar-Athlete   ! - CoSIDA Academic Award